Hi, I'm Nicola Cuomo, owner of the dog breeding farm of Abbadesse. 

I first learned about Rottweilers in another place owned by Antonio Bellò where I used to go with my German shepherds. 
As often happens with dog breeders it was love at first sight, so I decided to get a puppy from Antonio who was one of the first to import dogs from Germany. The puppies arrived a while later with a female named Frida which I coupled with an important German stallion that had been brought to Italy at that time.

I must admit that although I had done little breeding, having important stallions allowed me to obtain results which I would define as "normal", typical dogs but nothing special. 
Back then when I didn't feel satisfied as a dog breeder was when the turning point arrived and I wondered whether I would keep trying or not, perhaps paying more attention to the females rather than the males.  I searched for subjects that could assure me sound breeding and guarantee people who came for a dog the following: health, character and morphology. 
These requirements may be obvious and banal but are fundamental for a breeder who assumes the responsibility of providing healthy, well balanced subjects which hold up to the standard.

In 1999 I imported some subjects from Germany: 
two males - the current German stallions come from famous blood lines, Gruntelblick, Teufelsbrucke, Von Burgthann and Von Herrenholz, the last being important for its "workers". 
The females come from the same line as you can see.

The rules I impose on myself could be defined as guarantees of breeding: have few litters, aim for improving the race and not for pure speculation, and guarantee all subjects for dysplasia, teeth and all serious hereditary diseases.
I scrupulously adhere to these rules and standards.